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  • November 12, 2016

1 Samuel 9 – 10 (NIV)

The anointing of Saul is an incredible story and well worth a 5 minute read when you have a moment.  We often look back on King Saul’s life reflecting on the latter years of his reign and the enmity he had with David. But at the inception of Saul’s calling he was quite a humble man.  The story starts with Saul’s father Kish, a Benjamite and man of good standing, having lost his donkey’s.  Not an everyday occurrence for us in our western society; but what is lost here is all part of God’s plan.

Saul took one of his father’s servants and they commenced on a search covering the territories of Ephraim, Shaalim and Benjamin and finally reaching a place called Zuph, where Saul declared “Come, let’s go back, or my father will stop thinking about the donkeys and start worrying about us.”

At this point the intervening power of God is introduced with the servant suggesting that a local prophet might be able to help.  Well you can read the whole story for yourself but needless to say that prophet was Samuel and God had told him the day before that He would send him a man from the land of Benjamin and that Samuel should anoint him King over Israel.

So on reflection, what might be crazy circumstances for us in chasing lost donkey’s might just be God’s master plan for our lives.  What’s lost in ours eyes is never lost in His and what may be difficult and turbulent roads for us may just be the very journey which leads us to our perfect destiny. You may have travelled far, journeyed long and about to turn back and declare this to be all pointless.  But maybe this is a good point to just say “Hey God what do you say?” and just see what happens.

This story ends with the donkeys found safe and sound and young Saul anointed as King over Israel!

Pastor Alec Dobney